Black On Both Sides: Gera Honey Natural Process

Black On Both Sides: Gera Honey Natural Process

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Guji Mane Diaspora Collection: a Big MAMO junt

A limited release honey process joint from the homie “Big MAMO”. This mug is crazy. Don’t sleep 🔥🔥🔥

@mrscxffeeblack is KILLING this melange roast. 😮‍💨

This is our first official new coffee from the all black supply chain besides the OG @gujimane from So many of y’all loved it during the debut from the @matchbookcoffeeproject collab that we had to reach out to @equatorialcoffeeconsultants and @addisexporter to bring it back for the whole year.

Produced by the @tokumacoffeefarmers and exported by @mmamo13 from @addisexporter , this coffee is a HEATER. It’s a natural honey 🍯 processed coffee from Gera, which means its giving all the warm, sensual, melanated vibes one could want in a cup. It’s lowkey like a very well moisturized orange dipped in honey and shea butter and sprinkled with shaved chocolate.

Trust us, you need this in your life.

PS. Peep the last slide learn more about the experimental roasting technique that @mrscxffeeblack is using to bring out so much warmth in the profile. It’s Truly black girl magic 🪄

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