DARK ROAST? Black On Both Sides (Hatian Blue Mountain Washed Proces) - Guji Mane Diaspora Collection -

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DIASPORA COLLECTION #ujima ✊🏿 🙅🏿‍♂️✊🏿

Notes: Hibiscus, Grape Jelly, and Nutella. It’s the PBJ vibes for us fam  

Ujima means collective work and responsibility, and family that produces this coffee exemplifies this more than anyone we know.

A black man, in our state of all places, is exporting HIS FAMILIES COFFEE, from what just so happens to be the First Nation in the Western Hemisphere to grow the coffee plant, and subsequently free themselves from the french colonizers who attempted to enslave them. for the longest, Harris was the worlds for modest supplier of the coffee fruit, but after black bodies liberated themselves, their expert was blackballed in the world market. And yet still , they collectively  push to produce some of the most unique coffee on the planet.

Grown and processed in Hatti by the family of Adarian Lherisson on their 64 acres of BLACK OWNED coffee farming land, the Lherisson’s procedure over 30,000 lbs of coffee a year. Y’all, this coffee EXEMPLIFIES black on black grind. Adarian, a graduate of a HBCU (TSU), literally built his families import and export infrastructure from the grounds up, pun intended.  We’re so freaking honored to carry our Diaspora cousins coffee. Supplies are limited, so get it while you can.