Black Panther: B(l)ack to Africa @blckhoneygirlcollab 🌍 [#6]

Black Panther: B(l)ack to Africa @blckhoneygirlcollab 🌍 [#6]

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“'We must find a way to look after one another, as if we were one single tribe' -



The second design from the homie @blckhoneygirl, the o ghee has become our mascot of sorts, and much of the symbolism we find in it is locked up in the days we spent as children reading our uncles old marvel comic books  the quote above in particular, is one that has stood out over the years, and speaks to our pan African aspirations for the future of global black coffee culture  

This is the 6th design representing the working title of our upcoming documentary, covering our trip to Africa this summer, and exploring the connections between black history, black coffee, and black culture. Only 100 made. Catch the drip before it’s gone. 💧 #juneteenth #wakanda #cxffeeblack


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