Basquiat: B(l)ack to Africa 🌍 [#5]

Basquiat: B(l)ack to Africa 🌍 [#5]

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“The black person is the protagonist in most of my paintings“

- Michel Basquiat


We’ve longed to see black folks as protagonists in our own stories, able to share them from our own perspectives, and it’s genesis of our movement. This is the same notion that pushed us to want come back to the motherland and document African coffee culture from African faces. This is what we mean by MAKECXFFEEBLACKAGAIN. We want to tell our own stories, and this is the start. in its essence.

This is the 5th design representing the title of our recent documentary, covering our first trip to Africa llast summer, and exploring the connections between black history, black coffee, and black culture. When the homie @blckhoneygirl sent us this design we knew it was the perfect collab to add to collection of drops celebrating our trip back home. Catch the drip before it’s gone. 💧 #basquiat #wakanda #cxffeeblack