Cxffeeblack Sample Roast Gift Box

Cxffeeblack Sample Roast Gift Box

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"In a lot of ways coffee is like hip-hop...what is a seed but nature's sample? It's like a thumb drive. All this information from the past is distilled down into a small, tiny piece and you can plug it into the ground, plug it into yourself and use that life, that energy, to propel you--
to propel us-- into the future."

- Bartholomew Jones, Cxffeeblack to Africa documentary, 2021


Sample Roast Box Season 1

Enjoy our 4-oz. bags starring our headliners and their origins:

Ep 1. 

- Uwacu: (limited edition experimental process coffee) 72 hr Anaerobic Fermentation Process: Ireme , Rwanda

vibes: sweet tarts, fruity pebble cereal milk, watermelon jolly rancher

Ep 2. 

- Guji Uncut: (limited edition dark roast) Natural Process: Guji, Uraga, Ethiopia

 vibes: Hershey’s cocoa powder, cranberry sauce, sweet tobacco, chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Ep 3. 

- Womxn King: Washed Process:  Mapendo Womens Cooperative, Democratic Republic of Congo

vibes: white grapes, red apples, cherry coke, fudge

Ep 4. 

- OG Guji Mane: Natural Process: Guji, Uraga, Ethiopia

vibes: passion fruit, papaya, concord grapes, dark chocolate 



Limited while supplies last. 100 boxes available.