cxffeeblack // the digital album

cxffeeblack // the digital album

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Coffee is more than a sugar and cream commodity. It's a African seed full of culture and life, and we would like to reintroduce it, and ourselves, to you. We give you the soundtrack to our brew: cxffeeblack. Best enjoyed over a freshly brewed cup of that Guji mane with the homies.


  1. Cxffeeblack (prod. by Tommy Rxckit)
  2. Blxck Like Me (prod. by HD///)
  3. Guji Freestyle (prod. by Homage)
  4. Real Love ft. Milan Credle (prod. by Illuid Haller)
  5. Shade (prod. by HD///)
  6. Down Down feat. Demire and Renata (prod. by Bartholomew Jones x HD///)
  7. Cxxlin (prod. by Thomas Egler)
  8. I Got F8th (prod. by Bartholomew Jones)
  9. Cxnnect (prod. by HD///)
  10. Be Free (prod. by Bartholomew Jones)
  11. Energy (prod. by HD///)
  12. No Sugar No Cream (prod. by Tommy Rxckit)

Bonus Tracks:

  • african gxld freestyle (prod. by HD///)
  • the bloom interlude ft Tommy Rxckit (prod. by Tommy Rxckit)