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Upcoming  Screenings 

-Nashville: June 2 @Good Citizen Coffee Co.

-ATL: June 5th

-Charlotte, NC: June 9th

-Raleigh NC: June 10th 

-MemphisL June 17th @clayborntemple

-Ethiopia/Rwanda/Kenya: July 

-Oakland/San Jose: August

-LA: August (still needs host)

-Toronto: September 30th @eight50coffee x @rabbitholeroasters

-New York: October 2nd @Manhattan College 

-Memphis: October 19 - 24, 2022 @indie memphis film festival



*all dates subject to change. please check back the week of the screening for the most up-to-date info!


Extended Interview:

Exclusive Mini Doc: 

CxffeeBlack: Make Coffee Black Again from UNTAMED on Vimeo.


 Behind the Scenes Vlog Episodes: