On October 23 we went on our first trip to the motherland to learn about the black history of coffee from the source, Ethiopia.

Our goal was to begin developing an all black supply chain, shoot a documentary about the connections between black coffee and black people globally, and learn the truths about coffee’s blackness our culture has been missing.

Every week we’re going to be releasing an vlog and blog post sharing some of our experience, and for the foreseeable future 1 dollar from every bag of Guji Mane we sell will go towards investing in the future of the youth we meet while we were there, in particular the family of Tamiru, the lead farmer behind a lot of coffee in Uraga we’re hoping to source through Greenspring Coffee, owned by the King of Guji Ture Waji and our host Michael Mamo.

Our videographer for the project , Michael Grant, has officially shipped off the super 8 film to be developed, and we’re half way towards our fundraising goal for post production costs. With your help we should have a rough draft ready for viewing in time for next years SCA conference in April. You can follow the journey in the video below.