Specialist-In-Training Internship Program

The goal of the Cxffeeblack Specialist In Training (SIT) Internship Program is to introduce Cxffeeblack to the broader Memphis community and provide career training and coffee specialty/work studies to mentor interns for a prospective career within Cxffeeblack and Memphis city-wide. 


Interns will be trained in the areas of Cxffeeblack’s mission/vision, barista palate development, coffee production, apparel production/inventory, roasting fundamentals, and music production.

The program begins the first week of February and lasts 6 months with an expectation of 10-15 hours weekly. Following training, SIT Interns will be measured based on performance and considered during review for various tracks of employment. 



If there are issues with the internship application or this webpage, please report them on the Contact page.