Cxffee Nerd Beanie // New Miir Standard Collection

Cxffee Nerd Beanie // New Miir Standard Collection

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What is a cxffee nerd? What picture comes to mind?

In our opinion a true "coffee nerd" is rooted a profound curiosity for not just the product of coffee, but even more-so the history and culture indigenous to the people who discovered and preserved coffee, particularly its roots in African traditions. There is not better example of this than Ethiopia's Buna Qalaa within the Gadaa system.

This defintion goes beyond just knowing your coffee varieties or brewing methods; it's about recognizing the rich journey of coffee from its indigenous origins to its global presence. Crucially, this means acknowledging that indigenous communities, like the Oromo with their deep coffee traditions, are the original and most authentic coffee nerd. And that those who find themselves fascinated by coffee depth, must acknowledge the root if they desire to truly discern it’s fruit  

Their relationship with coffee extends beyond consumption; it's integral to their culture, spirituality, and social structure. These communities have been true coffee nerds all along, maintaining a sustainable balance of cultivation, preparation, and communal engagement with coffee.

To reclaim true sustainability in the coffee world, we must shift our focus back to these indigenous perspectives. Indigenous practices offer invaluable insights into sustainable cultivation, focusing on respect for nature and ecological balance. This approach contrasts with some modern industrial coffee production methods, which can be detrimental to the environment and local communities.

Integrating indigenous knowledge into modern coffee practices can lead to a more sustainable and equitable coffee industry. This means not only adopting environmentally friendly cultivation methods but also ensuring fair compensation and acknowledgment of these communities.

But this redefinition is about more than how we treat the soil; it's about how we honor the people and perspectives that have preserved it. Indigenous technology, often downplayed as "primitive," is, in reality, the embodiment of true coffee nerdiness. It represents a comprehensive understanding of ecology, community, and sustainability.

We are reclaiming the title of "coffee nerd" and placing it rightfully on the heads of the elders who have been the custodians of coffee culture. The true coffee nerd is at the heart of curiosity about indigenous lands and peoples, seeking to learn from and respect the knowledge that has nurtured coffee for centuries. This approach not only preserves coffee culture but promotes a just and sustainable world, recognizing that true sustainability in coffee is not just environmental but also social and cultural.

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