(cxffee)Black Barista Exchange at Program Drop [#2] ( cxffee. Issa african fruit. ☕️🍒🌍)

(cxffee)Black Barista Exchange at Program Drop [#2] ( cxffee. Issa african fruit. ☕️🍒🌍)

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All 130 species of coffee are indigenous to Africa. We deserve to enjoy the fruit of our labor.

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This second of three designs in collaboration with artist Rjv Collectives promoting the upcoming (cxffee)Black Barista Exchange Program: an innovative program where the Cxffeeblack team is seeking to re-imagine the role of coffee in the African story by partnering with 8 young coffee lovers of African descent at the Anti Gentrification Coffee Club.

Phase 1: First, Cxffeeblack will bring four African-American aspiring coffee nerds on an two week origin trip to Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Kenya in the last two weeks of November 2023, for a chance to learn from baristas at origin about the histories and traditions of pre-colonial Black Coffee culture, and collaborate on what the restoration of this generational thinking could look like for the diaspora 100 years in the future.

Phase 2: The second half of the exchange will see four African baristas being flown out to Memphis for two weeks in the spring of 2024 to prototype culturally content business models in coffee and train at the Anti-Gentrification Cxffee Club, ending in a trip to visit other melanated coffee shops around the country. 

Phase 3: The Cxffeeblack team will premier a short film follow up to their award-winning documentary “Cxffeeblack to Africa '' the following year to recap the experience and ideas that emerge from this experience.


link here to donate: https://gofund.me/5cff9733

link here to apply: https://cxffeeblack.com/pages/cxffeeblack-barista-exchange-program

Only 100 made. Catch the drip before it’s gone. 💧 #juneteenth #wakanda #cxffeeblack


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