Kwanzaa Coffee Holiday Blend

Kwanzaa Coffee Holiday Blend

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Guji Mane Diaspora Collection //

During the first phase of the black barista exchange program, Lem Butler suggested we add a holiday blend to our yearly offerings. So we did! Introducting Kwanzaa Coffee, a blend of east african coffee's to celebrate the root of our humanity. May your holidays lack no coffee no preace. Don’t sleep 🔥🔥🔥

@mrscxffeeblack is KILLING this melange roast. 😮‍💨

This is our first official new coffee from the all black supply chain besides the OG @gujimane from So many of y’all loved it during the debut from the @matchbookcoffeeproject collab that we had to reach out to @equatorialcoffeeconsultants and @addisexporter to bring it back for the whole year.

Trust us, you need this in your life.

PS. Peep the last slide learn more about the experimental roasting technique that @mrscxffeeblack is using to bring out so much warmth in the profile. It’s Truly black girl magic 🪄

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