Love black people like you love black…everything. 

“Black peoples have enriched every group, expect themselves”- Dr Claud Anderson.

Coffee, culture, creativity, music. The products of black people are consumed worldwide, yet for some reason the communities creating these innovations seem to be the last to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Why is it that?

Why is that “across cultures, darker people suffer more”? There’s been a million books written on this subject, but for us the answer is simple. We lack ownership.

To be honest, my children can’t wait on the whims of rich philanthropists. We don’t have time to be endlessly asking for permission, asking to be considered, asking to be represented.  That’s why we entered into coffee, a black good built on the backs of stolen slaves and indigenous labor, to partner with black communities who suffer from variations on the same systems of oppression and combine our collective innovative into the restoration of our stolen generational inheritance. And that’s why were heading to Ethiopia to build an all black supply chain for Guji Mane. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t love yourself, who will?


“The secret to creating wealth is to own and control resources, whether they are natural (land, water, precious minerals and metals), processed (machinery, factories, consumer items, public improvements) or human capital (skilled, literate, labor force).” Dr. Claud Anderson

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