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Embracing Coffee's True Roots: My Journey with the Black Barista Exchange Program


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Ever wondered about the true origins of coffee? You might think of Italian cafes or Colombian plantations, but there's a hidden story that deserves to be shared. I had the privilege of diving deep into the Black Barista Exchange Program, a visionary initiative that's rewriting coffee's history, connecting African American and African continental baristas, and transforming the way we perceive this beloved beverage.

Chatting with the founder of the Anti Gentrification Cxffee Club in an exclusive interview, I got a glimpse of the inspiration behind this groundbreaking project. The program aims to bridge a glaring gap – African baristas paying hefty fees to foreign instructors for certification while their generational coffee knowledge remains untapped, and African American baristas shut out from the opportunities to reconnect to the origins of coffee, ironically mirroring their own origins as descendants of the enslaved.

This initiative is truly unique, with a dual focus. It brings together African American and Ethiopian baristas, allowing them to exchange knowledge, experiences, and insights. Additionally, the program extends its reach to Rwanda, delving into the healing process from the trauma of colonization. Rwanda's example of shedding colonial identities and embracing heritage is truly inspiring. All of these mirror the path of the trans-Atlantic slave trade which was used to bring African bodies to a land unknown, to grow the seed of a stolen fruit from their motherland. Only this time the journey is moving backwards, using the stolen seed to reconnect them to a stolen legacy and unclaimed opportunities for generational wealth. 

And the Cxffeeblack team isn't going alone. Joining this transformative journey are African American trailblazers in the specialty coffee industry, each bring their unique contributions to their continental cousins for the exchange. Propaganda, an internationally recognized rapper, poet, author, and passionate coffee aficionado, will be part of the trip. Notably, Lem Butler from Black and White Roasters, the first and only black US Barista Champion, and Twizz, also known as Antione Franklin, the sole black World Latte Art Champion, will add their expertise and insights. Their presence highlights the program's significance in paving the way for black excellence in the coffee industry.

In the world of coffee, this program isn't just an exchange – it's a movement to reshape history, strengthen bonds, and empower communities. The Anti Gentrification Cxffee Club is leading the charge, showing that coffee can be more than a beverage; it can be a bridge that spans continents and unites cultures. If you're as passionate as I am about this mission, consider joining the movement and experiencing the rich cultural exchange that coffee has to offer. Check the link below to support this innovative program and get updates on program recipients and a panel discussion  that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring.



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