the black barista exchange program: 

an innovative program where the Cxffeeblack team 

is seeking to partner with four young baristas 

from across the African continent 

and bring them to Anti Gentrification Cxffee Club

Phase 1: First, Cxffeeblack will bring four African-American 

aspiring coffee nerds on an origin trip to Africa 

for a chance to learn from baristas at origin 

about the histories and traditions of pre-colonial 

Black Coffee culture in the motherland.

Phase 2: The second half of the exchange will see 

four African baristas being flown out to 

Memphis to train at the Anti-Gentrification Cxffee Club, 

ending in a trip to visit other melanated coffee shops 

around the country. 

Phase 3: The Cxffeeblack team will premier a short film follow up 

to their award winning documentary “Cxffeeblack to Africa” 

the following  year to recap the experience and ideas 

that emerge from this experience. 

3 Ways to support

  1. Share the Go Fund Me!☝🏿
  2. Purchase the limited miir camp cup or pre order the Cxffeeblack exchange runner!☝🏿☝🏿
  3. Select a product in your company and donate a portion of profit to the program ☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿